The Building – Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence

The Building

Increased space, improved technology and career exploration programs will entice kids to
stay in Boys & Girls Club through middle and high school, deepening our level of impact.

Maker Space – This space is also known as the art and creativity room due to the sealed concrete floors, mobile tables, hanging electrical outlets and side garage doors which make the room very convenient for large projects. Boys & Girls Club utilizes this room for STEM experiments, while the Lawrence College and Career Center constructs the CASA playhouse here every year.

Club Leadership Offices – Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence employs more than 250 people per year. A large percentage of those employees are housed of our 14 elementary locations, but it is vital that all full-time staff have places to collaborate inside the Center for Great Futures. The Club Leadership Offices provide space for that to happen.

Gym – The marquee spot for nearly every middle and high school student that comes through our doors. Before the Center for Great Futures was built, the teens only had access to an outdoor court. This indoor gym provides the perfect setting for Fit Club, obstacle courses, step lessons, lacrosse matchups, group yoga, volleyball skills camps and more pick-up basketball games than we can count!

Culinary Kitchen – One of the most important areas of the building, the culinary kitchen provides the space for our in-house chef to prepare a healthy dinner for our teen members every night. It is also a teaching kitchen used by the Lawrence College and Career Center during the school day. Boys & Girls Club partners with Just Food to offer cooking clubs for both middle school and high school cooks-in-training.

Performing Arts Studio – From karaoke contests to singing lessons to Monologue Club practice with community partners, the performing arts studio is always in use. Connected to the studio are state-of-the art audio and video production rooms, equipped with the latest cameras and sound-editing technology.  When free time arrives for our Club members, the 90-inch TV is a gaming paradise.

High School Lounge – The teen staff at the Center for Great Futures works hard to provide separate programming tracks for middle school and high school members.  The high school lounge is the only spot that is reserved for our oldest members. It is equipped with couches, a TV, PolyPong, a library and even access to an outdoor deck.

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